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Across the globe, our financial technology consultants carry a passion for excellence, delivering the driving force for successful change.

Our knowledgeable and experienced teams of programme and project managers, analysts and system integrators work to a methodical, yet flexible, approach, partnering with clients to deliver successful business transformation.

Experience to deliver quality and value

Our strength is in long-term, real-world, hands-on experience of working in the asset management and hedge fund sector; combining business knowledge with technical know-how and ensuring that our consultancy services always meet the needs of our clients to deliver both quality and value.


Everything we do is based on years of combined knowledge and understanding of the financial markets, data, software and systems. That’s why we are experts in our field. We also keep up to date with regulations and financial guidelines, allowing our clients to perform today and prepare for tomorrow.

Flexible teams for an ever changing landscape

The financial world is constantly in flux. Changes and challenges are imposed upon our client’s systems and processes, as the market strives to maintain its integrity through regulation, and our clients look to improve outcomes for their customers. As domain experts, our flexibility and agility enable us to guide our clients on their successful transformative journey. We always deploy the right team and skill-sets for the right project. Our agility results in flexibility.

Partnering for success

As our clients’ trusted partners, we utilise our many years of experience and invaluable vendor relationships to harness highly skilled professional consultants with one aim: cost-effective and successful delivery.

Methodical process

We are process-driven. Every single decision and implementation is based on extensive research, analysis, and a step-by-step agenda. Over the years, we have built strong case-studies that continuously improve methodology and sharpen tools to optimise delivery. As your transformation partner, our teams contribute to the overall impeccable execution of your projects.

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