Data Migration for Performance Measurement Data


A global asset manager, with over $130 billion AUM engaged Reformis to create a process to migrate and validate Performance Measurement Data as part of a new project implementation.

Historical data was transported from a legacy system into a data lake, which is contained within the client’s data warehouse. Historical performance data included:

  • monthly returns, gross and net of fees on both a pre- and post-tax bases
  • transactions, since the account’s inception
  • holdings
  • portfolio attributes

With the advent of the data warehouse, designed and developed by Reformis, the performance team is now able to build historical composite views which is required for their portfolio analysis, GIPS compliance, and for client reporting.

Reformis Solution

Drawing on Reformis’ extensive experience of our Data Management Practice, a hybrid approach, coupling EDM with various technologies, was implemented due to the compatibility challenges between a legacy system and a modern data repository.

Although historical data had to be structured into an EDM consumable format, the use of EDM streamlined the data migration process: interface builds, code development and unit testing were minimized.

To ensure data accuracy, tools, such as the Adobe SDK and Microsoft Visual Basic, were utilized during the extraction and transformation processes. These custom-built processes assisted by preparing the data for EDM consumption as well as validating any formatting errors prior to importing into EDM. Given the volume of historical information, iterative solutions were then created in EDM to facilitate the transformation and loading processes into the data warehouse.

Use of these cloud-based tools and secure connectivity to the client’s data warehouse allowed our consultants to conduct this detailed data migration process remotely and globally. Ongoing engagement and collaboration with the client was facilitated with Webex meetings and Microsoft Teams.

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