Markit EDM solution enhancements to meet business change


The client had already implemented a Markit EDM solution but new requirements, and alterations to business strategy, meant that amendments to the solution were required to accommodate these changes.

The changes required were:

  • Switching source data providers – Due to the cost, quality of data provided and legacy system issues, the client wanted to replace an existing data provider
  • Enhancements to downstream data – Certain information in upstream IT systems that was originally not thought pertinent because of cost, complexity, or omitted in error, was now sought by downstream systems
  • New reports – Business user familiarity with their existing Markit EDM solution continually suggested new ideas about how their data could be analysed or presented which resulted in new reporting requirements

Reformis Solution

The joint Reformis and Markit EDM on-site consultancy team was tasked with providing data analysis, business analysis and development solutions to the project to meet the demands of the changing business environment.

The team’s solution is described below:

  • Switching source data providers – The team’s approach to this problem was to introduce the new source and have it running in parallel with the old one. Regular checks were then made to ensure consistency across both feeds. After a period of having both data sources running in parallel, the client’s business and data team formally noted their acceptance of the new source and the old source was decommissioned.
  • Enhancements to downstream data – The team’s approach to this was to identify the upstream data field and the downstream system that required the data and the mapping required between the two. The Markit EDM gold copy was modified to carry each new field, the downstream system modified to accommodate the new field and the data porter in Markit EDM modified to add the new field so that it is transitioned to the downstream system.
  • New reports – The team’s task here was to formally gather the new user requirement and identify the source data and mappings required to create the underlying “gold copy” report data. This data was then presented to the users as a data illustration or as a data generator.

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