Remote Consultancy for Green-Field Markit EDM Implementation


The client, a global investment manager located in California, was embarking on a new Markit EDM managed service implementation as part of a multi-year enterprise data transformation program.

The client had previously favoured a self-build approach for its system architecture, but as these systems began to reach end-of-life, it was determined that Markit EDM was the best product for replacement of several data mastering bespoke applications.

IHS Markit were engaged for the first phase of implementation, with some resources working periods of on- and off-site, and others working remotely full-time. Without in-house experience of EDM, the client felt exposed, and engaged Reformis to provide additional independent oversight, advice and consultancy for the program of change.

Reformis Solution

Reformis provided guidance on two fronts; project delivery, and technical oversight.

Project Delivery: Being engaged from at the commencement of the implementation phase of the project, and having extensive experience in delivering EDM projects, Reformis were able to provide guidance in a number of areas:

  • Making best use of cloud-based project delivery tools shared between the client and the implementation team; such as Kanban boards, project inventories and plans
  • Improvements in the quality and timeliness of project information
  • Planning for client QA and UAT of the delivered solutions
  • Surfacing dependencies with other client initiatives
  • Defining accountability for deliveries, both external and internal to the project
  • Planning for decommissioning of retired systems and processes

Technical Oversight: Reformis’ many years of experience as the first Markit EDM Implementation Partner enabled our consultants to provide invaluable advice in respect of the implementation approach and design decisions. Furthermore, Reformis completed a detailed technical review of delivered solutions at the end of each two-week sprint and reported recommendations back to the IHS Markit Implementation team. This work was completed remotely, without the need for an on-site presence.

Remote Working: Reformis, the client and IHS Markit utilised the latest remote technologies to enable seamless working, whether consultants were on-site at the client, at the Reformis New York office or at home in the UK – just anywhere. Tools such as Microsoft Teams, JIRA and Smartsheets facilitated remote collaboration, and daily scrums kept the contact between team members constant and current.

These working practices were in place prior to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, keeping disruption and loss of productivity to negligible levels as offices were shut and lockdowns were implemented across the globe.

Outside of the risk mitigation for such catastrophic events, there are clear benefits to flexible, remote enabled teams:

  • No geographic boundaries to the sourcing of expertise
  • Cost savings for the client in terms of office space, equipment, travel and accommodation
  • Increased productivity, especially for technical delivery
  • Reduction in unscheduled absences
  • Ability to be flexible around dynamic schedules, maintaining productivity

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