Remote Methodology for EDM Implementation


A global asset management firm selected Reformis, in partnership with IHS Markit, to lead, design, develop, and implement a Security Master project on the Markit EDM platform to support their trading, back office operations, and other management information needs.

A centralized data management suite was created to provide a golden copy of Securities, Prices, FX Rates, Accounts, Positions, Cash, Benchmarks Schedules, and Transactions to be consumed by CRD, APX, Investcloud, Global Salesforce, and Seismic. This also served as the source for a data warehouse and other data distribution requirements in the future.

Reformis Solution

Reformis consultants were engaged in all aspects of the project - RFP and selection, data requirements, process definition, design, development, testing, and deployment.

Reformis consultant roles were:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Developer
  • QA Tester
  • Change Manager
  • Production Support

Remote Access:

In the age of the anywhere office, Reformis used the latest in remote technologies to keep the team connected, involved and working collaboratively anytime and anywhere – at Reformis Office, IHS Markit office, home, and other off-site locations. Consultants utilized their own Reformis devices for development, managed projects through cloud-based software, and connected face-to-face with project team members to collaborate using video conferencing solutions to create a dynamic and interactive experience.

Remote Project Methodology:

  • Daily scrum call with the project team to catchup on the latest status, issues and other questions
  • Weekly call with the client and IHS Markit support team
  • Requirements gathering and discussion – iteratively as needed
  • Code review – as needed
  • Test result confirmation and signoff with the business users
  • Production support – as needed

Tools Utilization:

  • Remote Connection – Connection to the client/Markit environments through VDI and RDP
  • Virtual Meeting – Webex meetings and Microsoft Teams
  • Emails – for any and all team communication



  • Cost savings for the client. Allow the client to save costs on office space and furniture, computers/laptops, relocation, business travel, and other overhead costs
  • Assurance of work continuity when an unfortunate event or calamity occurs. Minimal or no work stoppage in the event of bad weather, a pandemic, or any other crisis that closes the client office location for any period of time
  • Reduction of unscheduled absences/PTOs. Ability to be flexible around unknown or dynamic schedules without loss in productivity. Continued work when any project member is sick (without the danger of infecting others)

Challenges & Mitigation:
Reformis is aware there are technical issues and stigma related to working remotely.

  • Connectivity issues: Reformis offices utilize redundant networks, Wi-Fi routers, computers, and mobile hotspot devices
  • Communication challenges and gaps: As one of its best practices, Reformis establishes other communication channels alongside emails, through other messaging applications or platforms
  • Reformis operates an “Open Door Policy” where any ad-hoc communication can be done via a video conference, at any time. This negates the need for face-to-face interactions in a virtual environment
  • Reformis consultants also use standardized documents to present details in a common and organized way (e.g. mapping, requirements, run books, etc.)

Reformis always aims to communicate with each project member in a timely, clear, concise and succinct manner.

The concept of working from anywhere at any time is the future state of work. Technology is advancing rapidly to bring businesses across time zones and continents virtually closer together. Compared to the traditional working model of being at the same physical location, this virtual model can promote equal if not more collaboration and efficiency within the project team.
Reformis believes and has proven that successful project delivery and implementation can be done whether consultants are working at the client office or at off-site locations. Equipped with the right tools and software and employing the highest quality of consultants, Reformis can and has delivered an excellent solution and successful implementation, irrespective of work location.

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