Security, Issuer and Fund Master for Enterprise Data Warehouse


Our client – one of the largest alternative investment global management firms – undertook the implementation of a centralized Security, Issuer and Fund Master. The intention of the project was to consolidate numerous market data services across various platforms. Parallel to this, an Enterprise Data Warehouse was decommissioned to accommodate a new Reporting and Business Intelligence platform implementation (MicroStrategy) fed by the newly mastered data

The project included integration of the following platforms/systems:

  • Bloomberg Back Office
  • Bloomberg Per Security
  • SunGard VPM Portfolio Accounting
  • Black Mountain Everest Investment Management
  • Wall Street Office Analytics
  • Intex Solutions
  • Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ
  • Moody’s Rating Delivery Service
  • Fitch Solutions IDS

Reformis Solution

Our consultants provided data and business analysis of all integration points within scope of the project. We worked closely with the middle-office Security Operations team, front-office Project Manager, and the Analyst group, to meet business requirements and deliver a consolidated “golden” copy of Security, Issuer and Fund masters.

The project included the following deliverables:

  • Implementation of ETL, transformation, and cleansing of all master data elements. Alignment of multiple sources’ referential data to client’s referential data.
  • Implementation of separate master schemas to accommodate different Investment instruments. (Equity, Fixed Income, Bank Loans, Derivatives, etc.) Security and Issuer Ratings master to support survivorship and inheritance of ratings of different groups and types.
  • Design of multi-source Security Schedule master for variety of Debt instruments. Along with the implementation of complex rules for calculating effective dates for Coupon, Factor, Amortization, Put/Call schedules.
  • Implementation of over 300 Business Validations to verify quality of mastered data.
  • Comprehensive user interface to enable users to efficiently search and retrieve security/issuer information, maintain referential data, report data load and business exceptions. Design of functionality to provide users with ability to override mastered data sets.
  • Publishing of master data to an Enterprise Data Warehouse for consumption by the internal reporting platform as well as a third party business intelligence tool.
  • Implementation of data extracts to internal systems to replace old Data Warehouse feeds.
On-going assistance:

The client views Reformis as an integral part of their success during this implementation. As such, Reformis was engaged to support subsequent phases of this project, along with other initiatives which are key to the clients’ on-going business and data strategy.

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