CRM performance and investment KPI dashboard


A new client management team was introduced to a leading Financial Services company and found early in their reign that there were no clear and consistent answers to such basic questions as:
  • What is the total number of clients?
  • What is the value of AuM at risk?
  • What are client and related product revenues/costs/profitability?
  • What is the size of pipeline opportunities?
  • What are our win rates?
  • .... and other key performance indicators (KPI’s).

The reason for the lack of answers to these important questions was that the Client Relationship Management (CRM) system, and its feeder systems, were not being used actively. Most of the data required to give a holistic view of the organisation was present in localised sales team data stores. The key objectives of our role on this project were therefore to:

  • Arrive at a series of business processes that would encourage the use of the CRM system and enable it to deliver accurate and timely data to a sales management information suite
  • Build a Global management information dashboard based on KPI’s for the CRM areas of Clients, Opportunities and Activities
  • Develop key fact sheets that allowed senior management to measure the client and sales manager performance

Reformis Solution

    • Global Management Dashboard – Identify the sources of the primary data involved in the client management process across the distribution and investment areas of the business and introduce an information flow and data transformation rules that would transform this raw data into the desired KPI’s


    • Performance Fact Sheets – Personalised KPI sheets were produced for each Client and Sales team member. These could be viewed in isolation or could be drilled down into from the dashboard.


  • Revised Business Process – Our approach was to identify a method of remuneration for each of the Sales team based on their contribution to the sales effort and was based on 4 weighted measures; new revenue generated, the role they played in the generation of revenue, how many opportunities they turned into sales and what level of responsibility they had in the overall process.

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