Global Financial Operational Reporting and Business Intelligence


Due to the number of disparate legacy financial information sources presently in operation in our asset management client’s global organisation, it was not possible for senior management to gain a consistent and accurate understanding of the financial performance of their organisational entities in relation to the management of their clients and business units.

The business goals of this project were therefore to:

  • Deliver a management information reporting solution that provides global enterprise wide performance measurement and analytics for clients and finances
  • Remove in-efficiencies in the current global reporting process by rationalising stand-alone, segregated reporting functions and isolated IT solutions
  • Enable cross-divisional reporting views by geography
  • Reduce the current reporting time overhead by introducing a common reporting process and solution
  • Introduce a higher level of automation in the reporting process
  • Increase the consistency and transparency of financial reporting information
  • Improve control and operational monitoring across the overall reporting process
  • Allow for the pro-active management of clients based on key performance and financial results and metrics

Reformis Solution

The initial project tasks involved the team working closely with the client’s business and IT strategy teams to identify a series of “master” data sources which could be used as the definitive source of data for each of the major information sources identified in the project’s business case. The nature of these data sources and the quality of their data was analysed to identify the transformations, enrichment process and how to cross reference the data across the sources. This business logic was implemented using the Oracle EPM ETL platform in combination with a series of native enterprise ETL tools to populate the Oracle EPM data warehouse.

This information was then sliced, aggregated and ported into a series of operational reporting data marts and business intelligence Essbase cubes and leveraged the Oracle OBI EE and Essbase Excel Add-In platforms for end user access. A global security model controlled the information available to the user so that local data protection and disclosure issues could be addressed.

Too often, such IT led initiatives have failed in this organisation as the solution did not have a business process to support and manage the IT solution. Addressing this issue was key to our solution. Workflow management was imposed on the solution by assigning ownership of each stage of the supporting process to individual or teams. Quality and quantity checks were imposed and timescale contracts were defined for the completion of each stage in the process. Escalation procedures were identified in the case of extraneous business events. Workshops were held with the various business and IT sponsors of the data at each stage to formalise ownership and therefore ensure that the information was made available at the time required.

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