Remote Working Methodology

Implementation through Remote Working Methodology


The concept of working from anywhere at any time is the current and future state of the global workforce. Continued advancements in technology transports businesses across time zones and continents, promoting equal if not more collaboration and efficiency within the project team.

Reformis experts have years of first-hand experience navigating the dynamic financial community globally. We are adept at comprehending our clients rapidly evolving needs and challenges. Our ability to be both agile and flexible in our approach to these challenges allow us to swiftly and successfully transition to work remotely while continuing to guide our clients on their successful transformation.

The key objectives of our remote project methodology are to provide our clients with:

  • Proven successful project delivery and implementation, irrespective of our clients and consultants work location
  • Assurance of work continuity when unforeseen or calamitous events occur
  • Minimal or no disruption to productivity in the event of bad weather, a pandemic, or any other crisis that closes access to the client office for a significant period
  • Global access to Reformis consultants and the sourcing of expertise by bridging geographic boundaries
  • Cost savings by mitigating overhead expenses such as travel and office space

Reformis Solution

Reformis uses secure, leading edge remote technologies to keep the teams connected, involved and working collaboratively, across continents. Reformis is committed to maintaining the highest standards of resiliency and security for its employees’ remote technologies and communication tools. Reformis security-related resources guarantee their consultants data and devices are protected and secured, hence protecting our client’s sensitive information and data.

Our cloud based secure solutions allows us to remain efficient and collaborate with colleagues and clients, regardless of their location, while staying within regulatory and compliance parameters. Consultants invoke best practices to manage projects through cloud-based software and connect face-to-face with project team members using video conferencing solutions whilst creating a dynamic and interactive experience.


  • Secure Remote Connectivity – VDI and RDP Connection to the client and vendor environments
  • Virtual “face-to-face” Communication – WebEx meetings and Microsoft Teams
  • Cloud based project delivery tools – Consultants makes the best use of secure cloud-based project delivery tools shared between the client and the implementation team such as Kanban boards, project inventories and plans
  • Jira and Smartsheets – facilitate remote collaboration and daily scrums to keep the contact between team members constant and current
  • Mobile and Email Access – The client has access to the Reformis Team’s email and mobile numbers
  • Customized Standardization – Consultants use standardized documents to present details in a common and organized way (e.g. mapping, requirements, run books, etc.)
  • Open Door Communication Policy – ad hoc communication via secure video conferences can be initiated at any time. Interactions become more timely and efficient, improving productivity and work tempo.


“When COVID-19 struck we found ourselves nearing the end of our EDM implementation with Reformis. Shifting our business, and our project with Reformis, from an onsite and in-person operating model, to 100% work from home was definitely a concern. Our team, and the team at Reformis, made the transition seamless and we wrapped up the project without impact.” – Evan Fire, COO of Pzena Investment Management

Remote Project Approach and Methodology:


  • Reformis remote work can be customized to the needs and goals of the client whilst adhering to the key features that make us successful in remote working:
    • Top-level support
    • Company wide deployment and engagement and,
    • Regular tracking and updating for effectiveness of program
  • Consultants collaborate using secure project management software to share new client information, “lessons learned”, maintain recurring meetings, and communicate with management to discuss projects
  • Consultants are committed to communicating with each project team member in a timely, clear, and concise manner to ensure the latest information is available to everyone and we, as a team with our clients, are on the same page
  • Knowledge bases, communities, and automation tools are monitored for operating efficiency and security


Every client decision and implementation is based on extensive research, analysis, and a step-by-step agenda. This step-by-step agenda is supported by a clearly defined methodology that can be delivered to our clients regardless of location. Our project implementation would include, but not be limited to:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Code review
  • Daily scrum call with the project team to discuss and review the latest status, issues and other questions
  • Weekly and as needed calls and video meetings with the client and support team(s)
  • Test result confirmation and signoff with the business users
  • Production support

These remote working practices were in place prior to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, keeping disruption and loss of productivity to negligible levels as offices were shut and lockdowns were implemented across the globe.

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